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Discount Prescription Card Offered to Hawaii's Uninsured Population

If you can't wait for Congress to pass the proposed healthcare bill, there's a glimmer of hope here in the Islands. United Networks of America (UNA)—a discount care services corporation—introduced the Hawaii RX Card earlier this month. The card is part of a statewide discount prescription assistance program for uninsured residents.

Despite the Prepaid Health Care Act, enacted in 1974, which mandated that employers provide insurance to full-time employees, more than 200,000 residents in Hawaii do not have insurance. Now instead of paying outrageous prescription costs, the uninsured can apply online for the free program.

The Hawaii RX Card program touts that members can save between 10 to 75 percent on medications such as Ambien, Viagra and Zoloft, as well as narcotics such as oxycodone. The more than 50,000 participating pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies allow for the steep discounts. For example, a Nexium prescription costs $195.40 without insurance, but with the card costs $157.76.

There are no income requirements to apply for the card and members can use Hawaii RX Card along with other programs such as the Health Savings Account or Medicare Part D.

It may sound too good to be true, but the Hawaii Medical Association and the Hawaii Hotel and Lodging Association support the program and are planning to set up card distribution sites across the state. Hawaii is not the only state to launch programs similar to the RX card, UNA also offers discount program services in states such as New York, California, Arizona and Louisiana.

Although the card does not offer discounts on doctor appointments and hospital visits, it at least allows more people better access to medications they need.

Hawaii offers free prescription drug card to its uninsured residents

Like many Americans who haven't been there, I suspect, I've always wanted to visit Hawaii. I guess now I have another reason. Should I ever go to live there and wind up uninsured, I'll know that I can get a Hawaii Rx Card.

That's my roundabout way of saying that on Wednesday, March 10, Hawaii is unveiling a free discount prescription drug card program, being offered to uninsured residents of the state who can't afford their prescription drugs.

As the press release says, Hawaii once upon a time had the fewest uninsured residents in the country, but that's no longer the case.

Families USA, a consumer advocacy group that bills itself as "the voice for health care consumers," issued a report showing that as of 2007-08, 294,000 residents were uninsured -- that's 27.1% of Hawaiian residents under the age of 65.

So if you live in Hawaii, and you're uninsured, and you have medicine you need to take but can't... well, check out this card, by logging on right here. You can download a free card, search for the price of your medicine and find participating pharmacies. And note, "search for the price." The card is free, but you still have to pay for medicine; it's just that this card gives you some severely discounted medicine.

This isn't the first time Hawaii has taken a stab at this. Just a quick look through Google shows numerous other articles from years past, where Hawaii has unveiled free prescription drug programs. But hopefully this one's different. It sure looks promising.

According to the Web site, there are no forms or claims to fill out. No waiting periods. No age or income restrictions, and it's available at 50,000 pharmacies around the country. Nobody wants to be sick, but if you're going to be sick, Hawaii sounds like the place to be.

Statewide Rx Assistance Program Launching In Hawaii

(Honolulu, HI) – Program officials have confirmed that Hawaii Rx Card is scheduled to launch tomorrow. Hawaii Rx Card is a free discount prescription drug card program that is being launched to help the uninsured residents of Hawaii afford their prescription medications.

Hawaii once held the honor of having the fewest uninsured residents of any state, but it has tumbled down the national ranks. In a report on the nation's uninsured, Families USA said about 27.1 percent of Hawaii residents under age 65, or 294,000, were uninsured during part or all of 2007-2008. Most were part of working families. The Hawaii Medical Association (HMA) and the Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association (HHLA) are creating awareness, setting up card distribution channels, and providing support for this new prescription assistance program.

The Hawaii Rx Card is a solution to the confusing maze of discount prescription programs that have appeared in recent years. Many of these programs only cover certain drugs, charge fees, and many of these programs have membership restrictions. Hawaii Rx Card is open to all residents of Hawaii. Hawaiians can download a free card, search drug pricing, and locate participating pharmacies at www.hawaiirxcard.com.

Free Hawaii Discount Presciption Program Begins

(Honolulu) – Buying medication can be pricey, especially for those who are uninsured or whose health care plans do not cover drugs.

Now there's a free discounted medication program to help ease the costs.

The United Networks of America launched the Hawaii Rx Card Monday which is free and available to all residents. Cardholders save an average of 30 percent on drugs at more than 50,000 participating pharmacies across the country.

Cards can be printed online or picked up from distribution sites set up by the Hawaii Medical Association and the Hawaii Hotel Lodging Association. Online tools can be used to find nearby pharmacies as well as compare prices from participating pharmacies.

For more information on the health care savings, visit www.hawaiirxcard.com.

Hawaii Residents to Get Discounts on Drugs

Hawaii residents can now get discounts on prescription drugs through a statewide program being promoted by the Hawaii Medical Association.

Alix Lee Cousins, the program's development director, says most drugs will be eligible for some kind of discount, with savings averaging around 30 percent.

The Hawaii Rx Card program was launched this month to help uninsured residents, but all residents can access it for free.

The card can be printed out from the Web site www.hawaiirxcard.com. The program is also being promoted by doctors and by the Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association.

The program has no enrollment forms, no restrictions to participation, no income requirements, no waiting periods, no age restrictions, and no annual or lifetime limits.

Emphasizing Hawaiian Values - HLTA Offers Drug Plan

The Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association has teamed up with Hawaii Rx Card to offer a free prescription assistance program to everyone living, working or traveling in the state. That's right, free.

Since its inception, the program has saved people nearly $3 million. The Hawaii Rx Card can be used as a stand-alone benefit for the uninsured, and it also can be used for discount prescription medications that are not covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. These non-covered drugs include those to treat flu and common cold symptoms, depression and other psychiatric disorders, behavioral problems, sexual wellness, fertility, smoking cessation and weight loss, among others.

The Hawaii Rx Card program offers discounts of up to 75 percent on brand and generic drugs, with average savings around 30 percent.

It's a service worth considering for people without health insurance or those who are going without vital medication because of the cost. The program does not discriminate based on age or income. It is open to anyone and everyone, with no restrictions or eligibility requirements.

Information is available at www.hawaiirxcard.com or by calling Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association at 923-0407.