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Emphasizing Hawaiian Values - HLTA Offers Drug Plan

The Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association has teamed up with Hawaii Rx Card to offer a free prescription assistance program to everyone living, working or traveling in the state. That's right, free.

Since its inception, the program has saved people nearly $3 million. The Hawaii Rx Card can be used as a stand-alone benefit for the uninsured, and it also can be used for discount prescription medications that are not covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. These non-covered drugs include those to treat flu and common cold symptoms, depression and other psychiatric disorders, behavioral problems, sexual wellness, fertility, smoking cessation and weight loss, among others.

The Hawaii Rx Card program offers discounts of up to 75 percent on brand and generic drugs, with average savings around 30 percent.

It's a service worth considering for people without health insurance or those who are going without vital medication because of the cost. The program does not discriminate based on age or income. It is open to anyone and everyone, with no restrictions or eligibility requirements.

Information is available at www.hawaiirxcard.com or by calling Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association at 923-0407.